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Plinths are perfect for making your products pop! Grab a few and put your best items on display with our plinth hire. Not feeling the white? No worries! With custom branding available you can customise to match your style. Choose your favourite colour or wrap our plinths in your branding for a tailored customer experience.


Put your products above the rest

Coming in at an awe-inspiring 90cm tall these square plinths deliver your products with a side of wow factor. It’s not surprising they’re one of our most popular hires. Plus with the ability to customise every side, there are really no limits. Alternatively, just run with a white plinth and add elegance to any pop-up event.

Plinths are perfect for high-end retail displays, art exhibits, pop-up furniture stores, weddings and engagements, cakes, trade shows and more. Really whatever you can think of. While our plinths are really only suited to indoor use, their versatility more than makes up for it.

While you’re at it, don’t forget to grab a plinth cover! If you’re planning on running exhibitions or pop-up stores for more than a day, a plinth cover will quickly let anyone walking by know that you’re closed for the day. It will also add a bit of extra style to the visual display.

Min rental (7 days) from $130.00 ex GST
Time to showcase your products with our sleek display plinths for hire.

Size – 0.5m wide x 0.5m deep x 0.9m tall
Colour – White
Branding option available on all sides

Grab a few hire plinths to really make your products stand out.
Not happy with just a white plinth?
Don’t worry, we can add custom branding or wrapping to them to make them match your style.

Mix and match

Our bundles

Get ready for your brand activation or product launch in just a few clicks with our bundles. Easily create brand experiences wherever you need to.

How it works

Why we are here

To take the stress out for pop-ups for the newbies and the seasoned poppers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to give you access to what the big brands use for a fraction of the price.

Our Makers

Our products are crafted by the same makers that build custom pop-ups for high-end luxury brands and big tech companies right here in Australia.

Our products

Our hire products are made from high quality materials and are designed to give your customers the best possible exposure to your brand.

Our Nest

We are based in Alexandria NSW and currently service the Sydney Metro Area.


Our Peacock dance

Like a peacock dances to find it’s mate, we help you show-off your brand’s colours to make sure all eyes are on you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Plinths are elevated platforms or stands that serve as a base for showcasing products or decorative items. They are commonly used in product displays to create a focal point, add height variation, and draw attention to the featured products or objects. Our plinths are designed to be robust, supporting your products no matter what they are or where you’re displaying them.

Plinths are versatile and suitable for various events, such as product launches, marketing events, art exhibitions, fashion shows, retail store displays, and trade shows. They can elevate the presentation of products and enhance the overall visual appeal of the event.

Hiring plinths offers several advantages over purchasing them outright. Firstly, it allows you to have access to a wide range of plinth styles, sizes, and designs that may not be practical to own. Secondly, renting is cost-effective, especially for one-time or occasional events. Lastly, we handle all the delivery and pickup if you want us to, so you can rest easy knowing we’ve got it covered!

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