Portable Changing Room

Turn any indoor location into a comfy retail change room with this portable dressing room.

The portable fitting room is perfect for retail stores, pop up stores and more, or even for costume changes, such as customers, models, or performers. They come equipped with a privacy curtain, a mirror, and a frosted ceiling panel to prevent anyone from looking in from above. Jump right in and you’re good to go!

portable changing room

The perfect addition to your pop-up

This portable change room provides a cozy, private space for customers to try on clothes. Standing 2.4m tall with a 1mx1m base, there’s enough space for almost anyone to try things on comfortably. Plus with a built-in mirror, there’s no need to jump in and out to get a good look at what you’re wearing. The black fabric curtains are impossible to see through, and the round design ensures it can be set up easily in any space.

Instead of customers having to try things on over their clothes, our portable changing rooms give them the perfect alternative. They’re great for pop-up stores, shopping centre kiosk spaces, markets and any other retail setting that needs a little extra privacy.

Product Specifications

  • Size – 1m wide x 1m deep x 2.4m tall
  • Colour – Black frame with charcoal colour curtain
  • 1 x mirror
  • 1 x clear frosted roof panel for privacy
  • 1 x floor tile 1m wide x 1m deep x 32mm high with aluminium ramp edging

Mix and match

How it works

Why we are here

To take the stress out for pop-ups for the newbies and the seasoned poppers.

Our Goal

Our goal is to give you access to what the big brands use for a fraction of the price.

Our Makers

Our products are crafted by the same makers that build custom pop-ups for high-end luxury brands and big tech companies right here in Australia.

Our products

Our hire products are made from high quality materials and are designed to give your customers the best possible exposure to your brand.

Our Nest

We are based in Alexandria NSW and currently service the Sydney Metro Area.


Our Peacock dance

Like a peacock dances to find it’s mate, we help you show-off your brand’s colours to make sure all eyes are on you.

Your Portable Dressing Rooms

They’re not limited to being portable change rooms for stores either. If you need to create a convenient pop-up changing space for a show, for theatre, modelling or anything else, these will do the job no questions asked.

While our portable change room currently doesn’t have any customisation or custom printed options, you can be sure it’s a quality product. Hire by itself or add it to your mix-and-match bundle today for an affordable price.

Frequently Asked Questions

Not at all! All our products are designed to be easy to move and set up so you can run your pop-up store wherever you are. If you think you might get stuck, we can provide you with extra instruction on how to set them up.

Sure do! Everything you see in the product picture is included (besides the demonstration model of course!). You can be sure everything will be ready for you to use in your store ‘out of the box’, so you won’t be left stranded when it comes time to launch.

If you just need a pop-up change room, you’re more than welcome to order it by itself. We’ve had people use these for all kinds of things, from pop-up stores and retail outlets to stage shows, impromptu change booths at markets and more.

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